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Chemistry Labs

Here you will find (hopefully) useful chemistry labs related material. I have here some of my chemistry lab reports, and also some chemistry lab techniques.

Lab Reports

Here are some of my lab reports, available in .doc format. I am not 100% sure how correct my discussion answers are, so please double check with other sources before you decide to use my answer.

Solubility - An experiment about how well inorganic solutes dissolve in organic solvents using macrocyclic ligands (Such as 18-crown-6).
Fractional vs Normal Distillation - Comparing fractional distillation and normal distillation. In this experiment ethanol was distilled from water.
Polymerization - The classical bouncy putty experiment. We also created nylon and glyptal resins, which are all polymers.
Syntheses of Diethyldithiocarbamate Complexes of Te(II) and Te(IV) - The goal was to ionize iodine into two of its oxidation states. The calculation was brutal, so if you ever need to do a calculation to find out which oxidation state Iodine is in, here's the the lab report that has all the work done for you (For once I'm completely sure that I got the right answer).

Lab Techniques

Coming soon! Meanwhile, just remember: ALWAYS ADD THE BOILING STONES _BEFORE_ YOU APPLY ANY HEAT!