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Chemistry Tools

Here is just a collection of useful chemistry tools. Most of these links are provided by chemistry websites of Queen's University. They are mostly useful online references, JAVA tools, and some are more complicated programs.

Character Tables - A nice reference to all the character tables. They even have a nice online tool there that gets the reducible representations from the irreducible ones.
Chemsketch 3D - A program that allows you to build molecules and then visualize them in 3D. Very useful if you want to see structures of molecules.
Exact Mass calculator - This online program calculates the exact mass of a compound. Very useful if you want to see what the actual molecule when using mass spectrometry.
Gaussian Website - If you want a nice program that calculates, optimizes molecules and all their orbitals, Gaussian is the way to go. However it is not free, and I can't find a free version for download anywhere. Some universities may have access to it.
Isotop Distribution Calculator - This calculates the m/z and intensity of a molecule. It even plots it out for you too. Another good site to check answers.
Valence Bond Theory - This site has all the Valence Bond Theory shapes, pictures, and the list of orbitals invovled.
Webbook - A huge database of all the compounds and their properties. Probably the best free chemistry database.